About Me


Loren Cline, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (license no. 00007753) based in the greater Seattle area. I’ve been in practice for over 25 years providing individual psychotherapy for adolescents and adults ages 16 and up with particular focus on women who are ready to address unwanted patterns in their lives including but not limited to relationships with their bodies, partners, friendships, alcohol, marijuana, food, family, career and their inner navigation and intuition. I have extensive experience in the fields of addiction, trauma and codependency.

The best way to describe my therapeutic approach is relational and client centered. Both of these frameworks consider the quality of the connection between client and therapist as instrumental for successful outcomes. My work is trauma informed and influenced by internal family systems, cognitive behavioral techniques, solution focused and somatic practices.

Foundational to my work is assisting each client with developing the interpersonal skill of approaching difficulties with curiosity and compassion. A good question to ask yourself when thinking about starting therapy is: ‘what will be different in my life if therapy is successful?’ I usually ask the question early on as it is useful for setting the intentions and goals for therapy. Another key component to my approach is the consideration of the spirit of the individual. We live in a culture quite focused on the tangible, measurable, logic-based aspects of existing and I work to expand awareness beyond the five senses and tap into the unseen world of the spirit, the imagination and creativity that exists in all of us. Mediation, visualization and breath work are some of the tools I teach and utilize during sessions to engage clients beyond intellectual processing.

I am passionate about what I do and I am grateful to be able to witness the personal growth and transformation of each of my clients. I offer a 20 minutes phone or video call to gauge goodness of fit. On my end this means assessing for my ability to be of service to you and it is an opportunity for potential clients to ask questions and get a sense of my therapeutic style and personality. I look forward to connecting with you.